Q1 Is your service trustworthy ? Will my order be processed safely ?
A1 Your safety and security are our main concerns.To help you judge our reliability and trustworthyness,we openly display our address and telephone number on this website (see "about Us"). We also provide details of our bank and PayPal accounts when we send a quotation to you for your approval.We do not share your details with any other organization. Since FDJP.COM was founded in 2001, we have safely processed thousands of orders - many of them from regular customers.You can easily confirm our reliability if you just search "fdjp.com japan" via Google.
Q2 Although I asked FDJP to quote my order for concert tickets,I have not received
any reply from FDJP yet.
Why ?
A2 We will NOT reply to your email in the following cases :

1.if you didn't write your fullname.

2:if you didn't write an order in the following format :
sample of concert ticket order (jpeg)

3:if your order is too ambiguous,unreasonable,or unrealistic.
Generally,we reply to you within 1 day after receiving your e-mail.
If you don't receive any reply from us even if you sent us emails 2 times,
that means we will not accept your order.

4:if your email includes many questions.
Basically,we prefer simple dealing.
Our job is not to answer your questions,but to buy and ship items you want.

5:if you misunderstand how to use our service.

6:if you didn't write your fullname.

7:if your words or attitude are rude.

Please understand that our service is not a child play.
We do business ONLY with serious buyers.
All customers need to write their fullname in their first e-mail.
(An e-mail without surname/family name is not considered polite in business scene.)
Q3 How can I look for or locate Japanese items although I can't read
Japanese language ?
A3 We are sorry to tell you that we don't help you look for or locate items you want,
because we are not a specialty store where a specific commodity is treated.
Strictly speaking,we are not a shop but a middle-man service.
All we can do is to just purchase items on your behalf and send them to you.
Q4 I have questions.......
A4 Question,question,question...well...some customers try to send us questions many times.
(According to our experiences,customers from Singapore especially tend to do that.)
But,in order to run our service efficiently,
We have set a rule that we answer your questions,only once.
And when you ask,your question must be simple so that we can answer
by "yes or no".
Q5 Can FDJP provide me with the concert/event -schedule ?
Can FDJP give me a seat-map of the concert hall ?
A5 No.
Basically,our customers need to check concert/event information by themselves.