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1. www.fdjp.com
This website is run by FDJP.COM which founded in Japan, in 2001.
Since foundation,we have completed more than 100,000
transactions although we are just a small organization. :)

Our activity is:

EShopping Service/Middleman Service

(We purchase items on your behalf and send them to you.)
2. What we hope
All the information in the world can be acquired now by the spread of

However,in spite of having information about items you want,
sometimes you can't purchase or get them for various reasons.
Our hope is to improve it and enable everyone in the world to purchase
items he needs.


This dog is our pet. His name is "MARU"
3. Where we are
Office address :
Our office is located in Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo.

Phone:(81) 3-3495-4187

Contacts from you via e-mail will be highly preferred.

Before you ask us about concert tickets,you have to read this.
If your questions are too basic,we might not answer them,sorry.
Thank you for your understandings.

Should you have questions or proposal, please feel free to contact us !.
Your suggestion is always welcome in order to improve our service!

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