welcome to www.fdjp.com

Q1. Is your service trustworthy ? Will my order be processed safely ?
A1. Your safety and security are our main concerns.

To help you judge our reliability and trustworthyness,we openly display our address
and telephone number on this website (see "about Us"). 
We also provide details of our bank and PayPal accounts when we send a quotation
to you for your approval.

We do not share your details with any other organization. 
Since FDJP.COM was founded in 2001, we have safely processed thousands of
orders - many of them from regular customers.

You can easily confirm our reliability if you just search "fdjp.com" via Google.

Q2. Although I asked FDJP to quote my order,I have not received
any reply from FDJP yet.
Why ?
A2. We will NOT reply to your email :

1:if you don't write an order in the following format :
sample order for tickets(jpeg)

2:if your order is too ambiguous,unreasonable,or unrealistic.

Generally,we reply to you within 1 day after receiving your e-mail.
But,as we have said in , we make it a rule NOT to reply to your e-mail
if your order is strange.

If you don't receive any reply from us even if you sent us emails many times,
that means we will not accept your order.

3:if your email includes too many questions.

Basically,we prefer simple emails.
In other words,we are hoping for "SIMPLE DEALING".

4:if you misunderstand how to use our service.

5:if you didn't write your fullname.

6:if your words or attitude are rude.

Please understand that our service is not a child play.
We do business ONLY with serious buyers.
All customers need to write their fullname in their first e-mail.
(An e-mail without surname/family name is not considered polite in business scene.)

We hope you will understand.

Recently,Yahoo Mail server sometimes blocks our e-mails with quotations(pdf file).
In that case,it looks like that you can't receive e-mails or quotations from us.
If you send e-mails to us from webmail,
we would advise you to use Google Gmail or Microsoft Hotmail.

Q3. How can I look for or locate Japanese items although I can't read
Japanese language ?
We are sorry to tell you that we don't help you look for or locate items you want,
because we are not a specialty store where a specific commodity is treated.
Strictly speaking,we are not a shop but a middle-man service.
All we can do is to just purchase items on your behalf and send them to you.

We would be obliged if you understand that we just exist between shops and you.

So,we highly appreciated it if you could investigate your items by yourself.
Please do not ask us to look for items you want.

We hope you will understand.

Q4. I have questions.......
Question,question,question...well...some customers try to send us questions many times.
(According to our experiences,customers from Singapore especially tend to do that.)

But,in order to run our service efficiently,

We have set a rule that
we answer your questions,only once.
And when you ask,your question must be simple so that we can answer
by "yes or no".

We are really sorry to say in this way,but please understand that we need to say this
because we have suffered from a numerous number of insincere,kidding,or too basic
questions by now.
Frankly speaking,we can't put up with this situation any more.

Please understand that we would like do business with serious buyers
who really need our help and we have no time to answer your questions many times.
(We are not your parents and this is not a school.)

If you send us questions twice,your order will be automatically declined.

If we have once accepted your order and if we send you a quotation,
that means we can go ahead with your order safely.
That means there is no problems in your order.
(If we had found any risks in your order,we would have told you before accepting
your order.)

If you need concert tickets,please check concert-schedule
and other concert information by yourself.(See "Q6")

If this is your 1st time to try to use our service,please read everywhere
in our website before sending your order to us.

If you want to buy concert tickets from us,you need to read :

Japanese Ticket Affairs

sample order for tickets(jpeg)

If you try to use our service just as "information-center",we will never reply to you.

We hope you will understand.
Thank you very much.

Q5. We have a plan to visit Japan.
Can FDJP recommend any shows/concerts in Japan ?
That is not our job.

Q6. Can FDJP provide me with the concert/event -schedule ?
Can FDJP give me a seat-map of the concert hall ?
A6. No.
Basically,our customers need to check concert/event schedule and other concert/event information by themselves.
(Actually,most of our clients do so.)

If you still can't check that,use the following website :
(That website is just a sample.
There are some other websites providing concert/event schedule.)

Anyway,we will not provide you with any concert/event -schedule
or its information.
Our job is just to quote your order,to buy best possible tickets within your budget,
and to send the tickets/items to you.
That's all.

(If you don't have any information about the concert/event,we would advise you
NOT to try to use our service.)

Again,this is not a place to ask or to explain.
Please do not let us explain to you about information of concerts or events
that you are going to see.

We hope you will understand.

Thank you very much.

Q7. Will you charge me for Quotation ?
A7. 1st quotation is free of charge(for free).
2nd quotation onward,USD5 or JPY500 will be charged per each quotation.

Q8. How is the Total Price calculated ?
A8. We show you an example.

Total Price consists of :
1)item price
2)domestic postage(settlement charge included, if needed)
3)our commission
4)international postage

if you order an item which costs for JPY10,000(yen),
if its domestic postage cost for JPY948(yen),
if shipping weight is 1kg (including the weight of box),
and if we ship your order to United States,

item price JPY10,000
commission(20%) JPY2,000 =10,000*20%
domestic postage JPY948
international postage
(1kg ,EMS to USA)
Total Price(JPY) JPY15,848 =10,000+2,000+948+2,900

If you pay total price to us by Bank Wire Transfer,
your total comes to JPY19,848
=16,848+3,000 (interbank charge)

If you pay total price to us by PAYPAL,
your total comes to JPY16,482
=15,848+634(15848*4% paypal fee)

Q9. Can FDJP keep my concert tickets
for a while and send them to my hotel ?
No problem.
But,you may need to pay some amount of money as storage fee
if you have bought normal tickets and we have to keep them for 1 month or longer.

(JPY500 per month)

Q10. I want concert tickets.
What is the difference of shipping fee between to my country
and to my hotel in Japan ?
To your country : JPY1,400----JPY2,400
To your your hotel in Japan : JPY392---JPY510

Q11. How can I track my order ?
As we said on ,we will inform you of the tracking number (item number)
of your EMS parcel when we ship your order to you, so that you and we can check
the status of shipment by logging onto the homepages below.

(f.i.: this is an example for clients living in the United States).

Q12. In order to process my order smoothly,what kinds of information
about items will FDJP.COM need ?
A12. Name of Item you want, its Item Number(if possible),and manufacturer's name.
If you can attach a photo(jpeg) or URL on which the item is displayed,it's perfect.

If you want concert tickets,please write like sample order for tickets(jpeg).
Please don't forget your budget,quantity of items,your country name
your fullname.

for your info:
sample-order-1 (pdf)

sample-order-2 (pdf)

Q13. I would like 2 concert tickets.
Will they be successive/together tickets ?
Can we sit together ?
A13. Yes,always.

Q14. I would like 3 concert tickets.
Will they be successive/together tickets ?
Can we sit together ?
A14. If you try to buy NORMAL tickets,your 3 tickets will be successive tickets.
(You 3 can sit together.)

But,if you try to buy RESALE tickets from resale markets,your 3 tickets will be
"2 successive tickets + 1 single ticket" in most cases.
(You 3 CANNOT sit together.)

In resale markets,tickets are usually on sale at a unit of single ticket
or at a unit of 2 together tickets.

You should know that it is difficult to get 3 successive/together tickets
from resale markets.

Q15. What does FDJP think as "bad order" ?
A15. That's a good question.

We ask all customers to send us a simple and fixed order
because we would like to run our service efficiently.

We really hate ambiguous orders like following :

1)"I want 1 or 2 tickets...."

Quantity is not fixed

2)"I want to buy resell tickets for Kinki Kids but I don't know ticket price
so I have no budget now....."
Your budget is not fixed.
Remember ticket-price in resell markets depends on seat locations.
We can't tell you one by one.
Without your budget, we can't quote your order.

3)"Can FDJP really buy tickets of ....... ?"
Such a mail is meaningless.
In Japan,in most cases,you can buy any tickets from resell markets
if only you have enough money,even if normal tickets has already sold out.
Please just tell us how many tickets you want and how much your budget is,first.
That would be short-cut.

4)"I wonder if you can give me a very rough quote of 1 ticket and of 2 tickets
as I am trying to ask a friend to go with me"
Please send your order after it is fixed.
We hate to say this ,but we really don't like to write multiple quotations.
Such a slow action is not appropriate for ticket-dealings.
(Ticket-markets won't wait for you.)

5)"I have a doubt ..........."
If you have a doubt,please stop trying to use our service right now.
Unfortunately, we have no time to talk to you about your doubt.
This is not a place to ask,but a place to buy items.
We hope you will understand.

If you would like Japanese concert-tickets,please read the following explanation :

Japanese Ticket Affairs

All you have to do is just to tell us how many tickets you want and
how much your budget is.

A SIMPLE order/email from you will be highly appreciated.

Recently,many Japanese singers have their own websites written in English,
so you should read them before sending orders to us.

Thank you very much for your understandings.

Q16. I want to buy concert tickets for very popular singers,
like Ayumi Hamasaki,Namie Amuro,K-POP singers,
or singers who belong
to Johnnys Entertainment
(Arashi,KAT-TUN,Kinki Kids,V6,Tacky&Tsubasa,etc.)

Is it possible to get them at their normal price
(face value of the tickets) ?
A16. That is a question which our customers often ask us.

Simply speaking,it is almost impossible to get normal tickets for popular singers like them.

If you are a member of their Fan Club,you might have a chance to get normal tickets
(Even fan club members can't get normal tickets without winning the lottery.)

Strictly speaking,in every concert,normal tickets are on sale for public,
but in reality,normal tickets for popular singers usually sell out IN A FEW SECONDS
because professional ticket-dealers (resell ticket shops or individuals) buy up most of them.

In that case,we (including Japanese regular fans) can't help but try to get tickets from resell-ticket-markets.
Needless to say,resell tickets for popular singers are always expensive.
The price of resell ticket is much higher than normal price(face value of the ticket).

Therfore,franky speaking,it's really meaningless to try to get normal tickets
for popular singers.
It's just a waste of time.
That is a common sense among Japanese fans and this is the reality of
the Japanese Ticket Market.

But,on the other hand,some foreign customers think they can get normal tickets for
popular singers
anytime from the official sales by normal price.

No way !

We think there exists a very big gap.
(Of course,it is just because foreigners don't know the reality of Japanese Ticket Markets.)
That's why we FDJP.COM launched this service.  
That's why our service exists.

If you want to go to see concerts for singers who are NOT popular,
you can get tickets by normal price.

Anyway,you should read the following page :

Japanese Ticket Affairs

Q17. I live in U.S. I want to pay by check.
A17. We are sorry we cannot accept your payment by check.
Please use
,thank you.

Q18. How long does it take for my order to arrive in US or in Europe
from Japan via EMS ?
A18. About 5 - 7 days.

Q19. Are there any matters to be attended to, when I order concert tickets ?
A19. Yes.
When you need resell tickets for good seat location,the most important thing is
"Your Quick Action".
You should remember that resell-ticket-markets in Japan are more tough than you
imagine,so you need to reply to our e-mails and make payment
via paypal quickly,
otherwise you would absolutely miss good tickets.

In other words,ticket dealing must be done quickly because good tickets never
wait for you.
Tickets often get sold out while we are talking to our clients via e-mail.

In sum,all we want to tell you is that your quick response is veeeery important
in ticket-dealings

Thank you for your understandings.

Q20. Only 1 week remains before the event.
Could FDJP send my tickets to the hotel where I am to stay
or hand them over to me directly ?
A20. Of course,OK !
That is our daily service.
(But,if possible,please send an order to us at least 2 weeks before the event.)
If you give us the hotel information in advance,we can easily send your tickets
to your hotel.
You can pick them up safely without problems because we send them
via Posta Recorded Mail.

And sometimes we visit hotels where our clients stay and hand tickets over to them
directly,as the occasion demands.

Q21. I want concert tickets for good seat locations.
Can I get them at their normal price from official sales ?
A21. No.
In official sales,we /you can't choose seat locations.
If you really want tickets for good seat-locations close to the stage,
you should try to buy resale tickets from resale markets.

That is a common sense in Japan.

Please refer to :

Q22. I want concert tickets for poupular singers,such as Ayumi Hamasaki,
Namie Amuro,K-POP singers,etc.....
My budget is JPY 20,000 per each ticket.
With that budget,is it possible for me to get "Front Row Ticket" ?
A22. It is absolutely impossible.
(Please stop joking !
In Japan,in cases like this,we often say,
"Hey,you ! Come here again AFTER washing your face with hot Miso-Soup !"

Simply speaking,such a small budget is out of the questions if you really want
"Front Row tickets" from resell markets.

If you/we really want to get Front Row tickets from Japanese rsell markets,
you/we will have to pay at least JPY100,000 per each ticket.
At least JPY100,000.
Do you really have that budget ?
(It looks like that some of foreign customers underestimate Japanese ticket market.
It seems that they don't have any knowkedge about it.)

If you/we could get Front Row Tickets for popular singers' concerts by just JPY20,000,
things would be easier in the world......our service would not exist now......
(That's why we seriously ask all clients to check the market-price BEFORE
sending an order to us.)

But,don't worry.
In resale ticket markets,a lot of tickets for various seat locations are on sale.
Needless to say,ticket-price in resell markets depend on seat-locations,
so we can try to get you best possible tickets within your budget.
If you want to know the price-range for resell tickets in the resell market,
please feel free to ask us anytime.

Anyway,all we want to tell you is that you need to have sufficient budget
if you want tickets for good seat locations.

Q23. I bought concert tickets from FDJP,
but the concert was not held for some reasons.
Can FDJP refund my money or help me to resell my tickets
in that case ?
As we explained in ,we will not refund your money
once after we have paid to shops,in any case.

We repeat,we are afraid we can't accept any change and cancellation of your order
AFTER we have paid money to resaleticket-shops.
Even if we cancel our order,we will not be able to receive any amount of
money/refund from ticket-shops.
This is the strict rule of Japanese resell market.
(Actually speaking,we can't even cancel our order.)
We hope you will understand.

And,we can't help you resell your tickets.

That is our rule.

Q24. I and my friend(brother,sister,father,mother) sent same order/question
to FDJP.
Is that OK ?
A24. Abusolutely,NO.
That's worst.
That will make us confused.
Simply speaking,we hate it.
(Do you think you can make fun of us ?)

Same order/question from 2 different persons in a same group can't be accepted.
And we don't like customers who try to send us a same question
from 2 different e-mail accounts.

In addition,recently,we find some customers(group) who divide their order into small orders and send them from different email accounts.

Actions like that make us confused. 
(We really hate such a situation, REALLY.)

Therfore,we make it a rule to decline orders when we find customers sending us
inappropriate order like that.
We will never accept their order/question in cases like that.

We hope you will understand.

Q25. I have much concern about my order and I am getting so nervous now
A25. Unfortunately,we sometimes find customers getting so nervous before/while
they do business with us because they do business with us for the first time,
come to Japan for the first time,go to see concerts in Japan for the first time,
or for any other reasons.

Well.....you need to know that we have been running this service since 2001,
and have completed a great number of dealings
(Fortunately,we have a lot of reputations or good reviews from customers all over the world.)
Therefore,based on our business experiences,
we fully know what you are concerned about or why you are getting so nervous like that.

We don't write the detailed cases now,but,to get straight to the point,
you don't need to have concerns at all.
Please do NOT worry.
Things are much easier than you have imagined.
You can get items easily or enjoy concerts/events without problems
if you just follow our instructions.
(If we had found some problems in your order,
we wouldn't have accepted your order or would have told you from the start.)

If you still have concerns about our service,please do NOT try to use from the start.
(We are sorry to say in this way but,actually,it is really a waste of time for us
to talk with that kind of "excessively nervous customers".)

Thank you very much for your understandings.

Q26. Something else ?
A26. Well,our business style is veeeeery simple.
We just buy items you need after your payment,and just send them to you or
to your hotel in Japan,according to your shipping advice. 
That's all.

In our website,we already explained the details about how our service works.

To proceed with your order efficiently,we are asking new customers to read everywhere
in our website and to understand our servise before sending orders to us

We are hoping for "SIMPLE DEALING".

Thank you very much for your understandings.

Copyright FDJP.COM all rights reserved.
Never reproduce or replicate without written permission.