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Service Flow
1)When you can't get hold of Japanese items, press and give us
detailed information of them.

sample-order-1 (pdf)

sample-order-2 (pdf)

2)Based on the information you gave us, we will confirm whether or not
we can purchase the items.

3)When it turns out that we can purchase them, we will send you
Quotation of your order (including all cost).


4)If you agree to the Quotation, please pay the price.And you have to tell us
your shipping address and phone number.

5)As soon as we receive your payment, we will purchase the items you want,
and send them to you.

When we ship items, we will inform you of the tracking
number(item number) of your EMS parcel so that you can check
the status of shipment by logging on to

And we will just put the money back into your paypal account
if we cannot acquire the items you ordered.


Payment has 2 ways.


(suitable for large order or for clients without PAYPAL account)

You can make payments by wire-transfer to our bank account.

*you have to pay additional JPY2,000 for interbank charge
between your local bank and our local bank.

(If you order concert tickets or sports tickets
your payment has to be done via PAYPAL)

You can make payments by credit cards through , also.
*using PAYPAL needs extra 5% fee.

Your payment has to be done before we process your order.
And we are sorry we do not accept your payment by L/C ,
international money order, and by check.

About shipment,please look at

commission rate
*The minimum order we can accept is JPY\10,000.
(If your order costs less than JPY\10,000, you need to pay JPY\2,000
as a minimum commission.)

In some cases,any special/extra fees are charged.
If you want know how the total price is calculated,please see
"Q8" and "Q9"in our FAQ

When you try to use our service,please identify/specify cleary items you want.
Because we are not "your personal concierge"or "shopping-information-center",
we will never reply to your e-mail if your asking is too much vague
and obscure.

Before calling us,you need to investigate the items you want, by yourself.

We just purchase items on your behalf and just ship them to you.

If you cannot identify ,please give us "detailed explanation=concrete material"
which enable us to identify items you want.
(for example, jpeg of the items,URL of the website where you found them,
will be OK.)

We would be obliged if would kindly cooperate with us so that you and we will
not waste time.

5. At last,we will not deal with illegal items.
We are pleased if you would use this website within the limits of
common sense.

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