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<To clients who want Japanese concert tickets or sports tickets>
Through our service,you can get
ALL and ANY concert /event/sports/theater tickets on sale in Japan.

(Pictures above are just samples.)

Some of our clients say,
"I need tickets for better seats even if I have to pay more money !!!".
 We can help you buy tickets for better seat locations which normal foreign tourists can't get.

<Ticket affairs in Japan>
Please understand the following conditions before placing orders,even if it's a little tough to read them.

< 1 >
There are many kinds of tickets on sale in Japanese Ticket Markets.

"Normal Tickets","Resale Tickets","FC Tickets",etc.....

If you try to buy tickets for LESS popular singers/events,you can get them from official/general sales
at face-value of the tickets.
In that case,you CANNOT choose seat-location.
(First come,First served.)

We call this kind of tickets on sale at face value of the tickets in official/general sales, "Normal Tickets".

Some of "normal ticket" holders sell their tickets to ticket-shops or markets in order to resale-make a profit.
We call this kind of tickets that are on sale in resale -ticket-markets, "Resale Tickets"

The seat-locations of those tickets are made public when they are on sale in resale-markets.
In resale markets,you can choose seat locations depending on your budget.
That means if you want good tickets,you can get them from resale markets through our service.

< 2 >
don't have seat-maps because we ourselves are not a ticket-shop.

< 3 >
Please note that it is difficult to buy tickets for very popular concerts or events,
such as Sumo(final day),concerts of very popular singers like B'z,Ayumi Hamasaki,Namie Amuro,ANIME/MANGA events,,
and singers who belong to Johnny's entertainment(ARASHI,KAT-TUN,V6),some Korean Pop (K-POP) singers,etc.

Normal tickets for those popular events/concerts usually sell out
IN A FEW SECONDS on their official sales day.
(That is because many professional ticket-dealers/companies or so many enthusiastic individual fans buy up
almost all tickets.)
Moreover,in concerts of Johnny's entertainment(KAT-TUN,ARASHI,etc),most tickets are FC (Fan Club) tickets.

In that case,we-regular fans-can't help but buy resale tickets from resale-ticket-markets even if they are expensive.

It goes without saying that price of resale tickets are higher than normal price(=face value of the tickets).

Based on our business experiences,prices in Japanese resale markets are much higher than those in other countries.

Nonetheless,some foreign customers think they can get good tickets anytime from the official sales by normal price.
No way !
It is impossible or unrealistic.
(In cases like this, us Japanese often say,
"Hey,you ! Come here again after washing your face with hot MISO soup !"
This word means "Don't be kidding ! You have to check the reality first.)

That is to say,we are afraid there exists a very big gap between some foreign fans and the reality of Japanese ticket market.
(Of course,it is just because foreigners don't know what Japanese Ticket Markets is like. We don't mean to blame them,though.)

In resale-ticket-markets,the only thing that determines ticket-price is "Market Mechanism" (Demand and Supply)
It's natural that resell tickets for popular events/concerts are more expensive.

Therefore,you need to prepare enough budget in advance so as to secure good tickets quickly if you try to buy resale tickets.

(Please DO NOT say to us, "I want to get a "Front Row ticket" for Ayumi Hamasaki concert. My budget is just JPY10,000 per ticket."
We don't like this kind of bad jokes.
Such a small budget is not enough for "Front Row ticket".)

But,you don't have to worry.
Ticket-prices generally depend on their seat locations,on date,on place of events and on the popularity of singers.
In resale markets,a lot of tickets are on sale in accodance with price.
You can purchase various tickets depending on your budget,so please feel free to ask us the price-range.

<What are "good tickets" like ?>
In each concert,in addition to normal tickets,some other kinds of tickets are often on sale,behind closed-door.

For example :
"Tickets for Fan Club members(called FC tickets),Presale tickets or tickets for the persons concerned etc".

As is often the case with those kinds of tickets,their sales starts, preceeding to official sales.
And we can buy those tickets from resale-ticket-markets.
That's why we can often secure good tickets
BEFORE official/general sales.

<What is FC (Fan Club) ticket ?> important !
"FC tickets" are tickets only for Fan Club Members and a lot of customers buy FC tickets from us every day.

Seat locations of FC tickets are generally thought better than those of normal tickets.
(Strictly speaking,seat locations of FC tickets are decided by the lottery,which means your seat location
will be sometimes good,sometimes normal.
That will depend on the lottery.)

In Japan,FC members can reserve their tickets by the lottery LONG BEFORE each concert
although tickets themselves will be issued out just 1 week before each concert.

Then,some FC members (who have won the lottery) sell their "Right to Purchase" to resale-ticket-markets to make a profit.

This "Right to Purchase" is widely on the market in Japanese Resale Ticket Markets.
That means we/you,-NON FC members-,can secure FC tickets by purchasing this "Right to Purchase" from the resale markets,
even if tickets themselves have not been issued yet when we buy them.

In other words,you-NON FC members-can secure FC tickets through our service by purchasing this "Right to Purchase".

In that case,it's not until FC tickets are issued out that you know seat locations of your tickets.

Then,FC members will send their tickets to us after they receive their FC tickets from ticket-company.

The only one thing they-FC members-assure when they sell their "Right to Purchase"
is that the tickets they are selling are FC tickets,not normal tickets.
(In Japanese ticket markets,cases like this are found quite often.
It is like a "Option Trading" in the stock market.
We think it might be a little difficult for foreigners to understand this system,though.)

FC tickets themseleves are issued out about 7-10 days before each concert,we can't send them to foreign coutries.
We usually send those FC tickets to hotels in Japan where our customers stay.
Our customers will just pick up their FC tickets at the reception of their hotels during their stay.
It is very easy and safe.

<How to Order Resale Tickets>
If you want resale tickets for good seat locations,please tell us FIRST that you want resale tickets
and tell us "your budget"="the maximum price you can afford" .

In that case,we would be highly obliged if you would write an order in the following format.

sample order for tickets(jpeg)

In resale markets,you are able to purchase any tickets depending on your budget.
Ticket-price depends on seat locations,dates,places,or timing and it's always changing.

When you try to buy resell tickets,your response must be quick, otherwise you would miss good tickets.
Good tickets won't wait for you.

We repeat,ticket-dealing must be quick.
That's why we are asking all clients to send an order to us AFTER opening PAYPAL account.

<100% Refund>
We always do our best to get you better tickets.
But,please note in advance that ticket-price and its inventory are always fluctuating.
If we cannot secure your tickets,we will put all the money you paid back into your PAYPAL account.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Copyright A.M.Micuras all rights reserved.
Never reproduce or replicate without written permission