Hotels for Long Stay (dormitry,etc)


1.Tokyu Stay Shibuya (Highly Recommended !)

If you are over 25 years old and want to long-stay with your friend in quiet atomosphere,I strongly recommend Tokyu Stay. Well equipped,clean,no noisy guests,quiet although located in downtown. Each room is comparatively big.    AGODA    


HOTEL MYSTAYS is good as well. it's very popular among Japanese long-stay tourists. I have stayed their hotels many times and was really satisfied.If you are a matured person who want to enjoy your trip with your own policy in quiet atmosphere,you should choose "Tokyu Stay" or "HOTEL MYSTAYS". HOTEL MYSTAYS has many hotels countrywide in Japan.
Useful and enough.     AGODA   

3.Sakura Hostel Asakusa

This hostel is really for young backpackers who visit Japan for the first time. Low price and just close to the Sensoji Temple.Actually,a lot of my customers have stayed there.Most of them are young guys 20-25 years old.If you are over 25 and don't want to see boys and girls speaking loundly at the restaurant,you should stay in other hotels.     AGODA