Q1 Is your service trustworthy ? Will my order be processed safely ?
A1 Your safety and security are our main concerns.To help you judge our reliability and trustworthyness,we openly display our address and telephone number on this website (see "about Us"). We also provide details of our bank and PayPal accounts when we send a quotation to you for your approval.We do not share your details with any other organization. Since FDJP.COM was founded in 2001, we have safely processed thousands of orders - many of them from regular customers.You can easily confirm our reliability if you just search "fdjp.com japan" via Google.
If you are still concerned about the reliability of our service,you should not try to use our service from the start.
Q2 Although I asked you to quote my order for concert tickets,I have not received
any reply from you yet.
Why ?
A2 We will NOT reply to your email in the following cases :

1.You didn't write your fullname
We don't reply if you didn't write your fullname in your 1st email because we really don't like customers who only write their first name in their first contact.
Please understand that we are neither your friend nor your family,and that our service is not a child play.

2:You didn't write an order in the following format :
sample of concert ticket order (jpeg)
Please read "order" once again.

3:Your order is too ambiguous,unreasonable,or unrealistic
Generally,we reply to you within 1 day after receiving your e-mail.
If you don't receive any reply from us even if you sent us emails 2 times,
that means we will not accept your order.

4:Your email includes questions
We prefer "simple dealing" and "simple correspondence".
You need to know that we really don't like "endless questions from customers".
Our job is not to answer your questions,but to just buy and just ship items you requested.
We are afraid that we really don't like to read emails including questions.
If you have questions,just think it yourself with your own brain.
We repeat,this is not a place to ask questions.

5:You misunderstand our service

6:You make light of us

If you don't receive a reply from us although you have written us more than 2 times,
that means we don't accept your order.
Please understand that our service is not a child play,which means we only do business with serious buyers.
All customers need to write their fullname in their first e-mail.
That is must.
Q3 How can I look for Japanese items although I can't readJapanese ?
A3 We are sorry to tell you that we don't help you look for or locate items you want,
because we are not a specialty store where a specific commodity is treated.
We are not a shop but just a middle-man/proxy service.
All we can do is to just purchase items on your behalf and send them to you.
Q4 I have questions.......
A4 This is neither a "tourist information center" nor a "school" here.
We have met some customers who tried to ask us many questions,which drove us crazy.
We are sorry to tell you that we don't like questions from customers very much.
Moreover,we want to run our service as efficiently as possible,so we set a rule that you can ask "only once" and "only 1 question".
Please remember we will never accept your order if you break this rule.
Thank you very much for your understandings.
Q5 Can you provide me with the concert/event schedule or information of items I want ?
Do you have a seat-map of the concert hall ?
A5 No.
Q6 Will you charge me for Quotation ?
A6 1st quotation is free of charge (for free).
For 2nd quotation onward,JPY1,000 will be chareged per each quotation.
Usually,we quote your order up to 2 times per order.
It's just that we don't want to write quotation many times.(Sorry!)
Q7 What is the commission rate ?
A7 20%
*If your order is less than JPY25,000,we will charge JPY5,000 as minimum commission.
(For example,if you buy 2 resale concert tickets per JPY15,000 through our service,total price of your tickets will be JPY30,000(=15,000*2). Our commission is JPY6,000.)
When you pay via Paypal,extra 5% Paypal fee will be charged.
Please refer to the details here.
Q8 I want to buy concert tickets.
How much is shipping fee ?
A8 To your country : JPY1,150---up to items
To your hotel in Japan : JPY434---up to items
Tickets to your hotel in Japan : JPY434
Recently,we usually send concert tickets to your hotel in Japan because they are often issued out just before each concert. We are sure sending to your hotel is cheapest and safest.
Thank you for your understandings.
Q9 Can I track my order ?
A9 When shipping out your order,we usually tell you the tracking number of your order so that you can track it.
Just log into :
Q10 I need 2 concert tickets.
Will they be successive/together tickets?
Can we sit together ?
A10 Yes,always,of course.
(This is one of questions we really don't like. Please don't ask such a silly question.
We have never met a customer who wants to sit APART from his friend.)
Q11 I need 3 concert tickets.Will they be successive/together tickets?
Can we sit together ?
A11 If you need 3 NORMAL tickets,your 3 tickets will be successive/together tickets.
(You 3 can sit together.)
However,if you try to buy 3 RESALE tickets from resale markets,
your 3 tickets will be "2 successibe ve/together tickets + 1 single ticket" in most cases.
(You 3 cannot sit together.)
In resale markets,tickets are usually on sale at a unit of single ticket or at a unit of "pair tickets" (2 together tickets) in most cases.
You should know that it's difficult to get 3 successive/together tickets from resale markets.
Anyway,if you need 3 RESALE tickets,please ask.
Q12 Can you send my order to my hotel in Japan ?
A12 Yes.
Actually,we quite often send items to hotels where customers stay.
In that case,please request us when you ask a quote.
It's OK that you have not decided your hotel yet. You will just tell us your hotel information later. It's quite easy.
Q13 I want concert tickets for popular singers.Is it possible to get their tickets by their normal price (face value of the tickets) from general sales ?
A13 To get straight to the point,that is impossible.
As you can imagine,normal tickets for popular singers usually sell out in a few seconds in general sales on their official sales day,so we think it's meaningless and just a waste of time for us to try to get normal tickets for popular singers.

Therefore,we usually don't accept your order if you ask us to try to buy normal tickets for popular singers from general sales.

If you need concert tickets for very popular singers,you need to buy resale tickets.
That is common sense and the reality in Japan.
(Some customers think they can easily buy normal tickets for popular singers anytime from general sales.
No way !!!
If you also think so,you might want to wash your face with hot MISO soup righit now,which means "Come here again after checking the reality by yourself"
We really don't like this kind of innocent customers who send us unrealistic orders.)

Contrary,it's OK you try to get normal tickets for LESS popular singers from general sales.
It's FDJP.COM who decides which is more appropariate,trying to buy normal tickets or resale tickets.
Q14 What kind of order do you think as "BAD order"?
A14 That's a good question.

We FDJP.COM really hate orders like followings :

1)"I want 1 or 2 tickets...."
>Please contact us after your order is fixed. Finally,how many tickets would you like ?

2)"I would like to have my order sent to my country OR to my hotel in Japan."
>Finally,which ?
We can't quote your order if it includes vague information.
We really don't like customers who write a word "or".
Please do NOT write "or" in your email.

3)"I want to buy resale tickets of a very popular singer but I don't know resale price
so I have no budget now....."
>Just ask "price-range" ,first.
After that,could youjust tell us your budget per ticket (NOT including our commission),please ?
You should know that many tickets are on sale in resale markets depending on seat locations.
We can't tell you one by one.

4)"I wonder if you can give me a very rough quote of 1 ticket and of 2 tickets
as I am trying to ask a friend to go with me"
Please send your order to us AFTER it is fixed.
Such a slow action is not adequate for concert ticket dealings.

5)"I would like to have my order sent either to my country or to my hotel in Japan,
so,please give me 2 quotations for each location."
> No.
Just read "Q8" and you can easily understand the difference of shipping charge.
Please send your order to us AFTER it is fixed.

What we ask all customers is to just send us a "SIMPLE,FIXED and CONCRETE" order.
If you need concert tickets,you should read the following explanations in advance :

Japanese Ticket Affairs

If you need resale concert tickets for better seat locations,be sure to tell us how many tickets you want and how much your budget per ticket(not including our commission) is.
"Concert ticket dealing" needs speed,speed,speed,you know.

Thank you very much for your understandings.
Q15 I received a concert ticket.Is there any protocol for entering the show ?
How should I use this ticket ?
A15 It is our strict rule that customers have to check things like that by themselves.
Our job is to just buy and just ship items,and we don't have any information about
each item that each customer buys.
You need to know that we are not a ticket shop,but just a middleman/proxy service.

Customers have to use items which they have bought through our service,
with their own responsibility.
All customers have to keep this "self-responsibility rule" and we only do business
with those who accept this rule.

We say again : Our job is to just buy and just ship items.
Our service is for adult/mature people who can behave with their full resposibilities.
All customers must be over 20 years old.
(We are sorry to say that we don't have time to talk to ignorant kids.)
Q16 I will not stay in a hotel but in an Airbnb accommodation.Will you send my order to my Airbnb apartment ?
  In order to avoid "delivery-troubles",we strongly recommend to have your order sent to your country or to your hotel in Japan,which have a manager/landlord,your friends,your family,or somebody else that can receive your order instead of you.
If you still want to ask us to send your order to Airbnb accommodations,you must ask
the Airbnb owner if they can receive mails sent to you from outside,and tell us BOTH "address and addressee name" which we should write on the letter.
BOTH "address and addressee name".

Needless to say,a building on that address must have a mailbox on which addressee name is written.
(Sometimes you will stay in just a room of an apartment where nobody lives and that room has no mailbox.In that case,we can't deliver your order to you correctly.)
Postmen often refuse to deliver mails to apartment if your name is not found on your mailbox. Actually,we have experienced that kind of "delivery-troubles" at Airbnb accommmodations several times,which were really a waste of time for us to solve.We really don't like that situation.)

Anyway,if you want us to send your order to Airbnb accmmodations,all we will do is to just send it to an address you indicated. That's all.
Whatever happens,you will have to pick it up and solve all and any problems by yourself and with your full responsibility.We will never help you in that case.
Q17 Unfortunately,there are no good resale tickets on sale in the current markets.
Will you let me know if good resale tickets show up ?
Can you keep looking for tickets until just before the concert ?
A17 Well.....some customers ask us to do that,but,originally,it is not our job
to "continue to look for items".We think you might be a little bit misunderstading our service.
(Why do we have to continue to look for items you want ? No extra commission ?
We don't accept such an "Standing Order".)
Q18 Can you keep my tickets/items for a while until I arrive in Japan ?
A18 Yes, we can.
Q19 My friend/my family and I sent same order to FDJP.COM to ask prices with different shipping ways or due to some other reasons. Is that OK ?
Q19 No.
In that case,we will never accept your order.
Never. That is really the "worst".
We really hate that situation. (Do you think you can make fun of us ?)
Unfortunately,we have met some customers trying things like that,which made us bored.
Just refer to "Q8" if you want to know shipping fee.
Q20 I have much concern about my order and I am getting so nervous now
A20 Unfortunately,we sometimes find customers getting so nervous before/while
they do business with us.
It may be because they do business with us for the first time,
come to Japan for the first time,go to see concerts in Japan for the first time,
or for any other reasons. We can fully understand their feelings.

Well.....you need to know that we have been running this service since 2001,
and have completed a great number of dealings safely.
That is our pride.
(Fortunately,a lot of customers wrote good reviews,which you can read via the Internet.
Please just refer to them.)

To get straight to the point,if you still have concerns about our service,please do NOT try to use our service from the start. If you can't trust us,you must NOT try to use our service from the start.We would like to do business only with customers who already know our reliability by some means. This is not a place where kids should come.
(We are sorry to say like this,but,actually,we think it really a waste of time for us
to have an endless talk with a kind of "excessively nervous customers".)

Thank you very much for your understandings.