Q1 Is your service trustworthy ? Will my order be processed safely ?
A1 Your safety and security are our main concerns.To help you judge our reliability and trustworthyness,we openly display our address and telephone number on this website (see "about Us"). We also provide details of our bank and PayPal accounts when we send a quotation to you for your approval.We do not share your details with any other organization. Since FDJP.COM was founded in 2001, we have safely processed thousands of orders - many of them from regular customers.You can easily confirm our reliability if you just search "fdjp.com japan" via Google.
Q2 Although I asked you to quote my order for concert tickets,I have not received
any reply from you yet.
Why ?
A2 We will NOT reply to your email in the following cases :

1.if you didn't write your fullname.

2:if you didn't write an order in the following format :
sample of concert ticket order (jpeg)

3:if your order is too ambiguous,unreasonable,or unrealistic.
Generally,we reply to you within 1 day after receiving your e-mail.
If you don't receive any reply from us even if you sent us emails 2 times,
that means we will not accept your order.

4:if your email includes many questions.
You need to know that we prefer "simple dealing" and "simple correspondence".
Our job is not to answer your questions,but to buy and ship items you want.
We repeat,this is not a place to ask and answer

5:if you misunderstand how to use our service.

6:if you didn't write your fullname.

7:if your words or attitude are rude.

Please understand that our service is not a child play.
We do business ONLY with serious buyers.
All customers need to write their fullname in their first e-mail.
(An e-mail without surname/family name is not considered polite in business scene.)
Q3 How can I look for or locate Japanese items although I can't readJapanese ?
A3 We are sorry to tell you that we don't help you look for or locate items you want,
because we are not a specialty store where a specific commodity is treated.
We are not a shop but just a middle-man service.
All we can do is to just purchase items on your behalf and send them to you.
Q4 I have questions.......
A4 Question,question,question...well...some customers try to send us questions many times.
(According to our experiences,customers from Singapore or France especially tend to do that.)
Moreover,most questions are very basic or meaningless,which you can get answers from other websites or from our website.
We are sorry to tell you that,to tell the truth,we are really sick of those basic questions.
Then,in order to run our service efficiently,we set a rule that we answer your question,
"only once".
If you send questions to us twice,your order will be declined automatically.
You need to know that we prefer "simple dealing".
We hope you will understand.
Thank you very much.
Q5 Can you provide me with the concert/event schedule or information of items I want ?
Do you have a seat-map of the concert hall ?
A5 No.
Q6 Willyou charge me for Quotation ?
A6 1st quotation is free of charge (for free).2nd quotation onward,USD$5 or JPY500 will be chareged per each quotation.
Q7 What is the commission rate ?
A7 10%
*If your order is less than JPY20,000,we will charge JPY2,000 as minimum commission.
(For example,if you order just 1 concert ticket for JPY5,000,our commission is JPY2,000.)
Q8 I want concert tickets.
How much is EMS shipping fee ?
A8 To your country : JPY1,400---JPY2,400
To your hotel in Japan : JPY392---JPY510
Q9 Can I track my order ?
A9 When shipping out your order,we usually tell you the EMS tracking number,so you can track it.
Just log into :
Q10 I need 2 concert tickets.
Will they be successive/together tickets?
Can we sit together ?
A10 Yes,always.
Q11 I need 3 concert tickets.Will they be successive/together tickets?
Can we sit together ?
A11 If you need 3 NORMAL tickets,your 3 tickets will be successive/together tickets.
(You 3 can sit together.)
However,if you need RESALE tickets on sale in resale markets,
your 3 tickets will be "2 successive/together tickets + 1 single ticket." in most cases.
(You 3 cannot sit together.)
In resale ticket markets,tickets are on sale at a unit of single ticket or
at a unit of "pair tickets" (2 together tickets)
You should know that it's difficult to get 3 successive/together tickets from resale markets.
Q12 Can you send my order to my hotel in Japan ?
A12 Yes. In that case,please tell us when you ask a quote.
Q13 I want concert tickets for popular singers.Is it possible to get their normal tickets by their normal price (face value of the tickets) ?
A13 To get straight to the point,it is almost impossible.As you can imagine,normal tickets for popular singers usually sell out in a few seconds on their official sales day.Therefore,we think it's meaningless or just a waste of time to try to get normal tickets for popular singers.
Contrary,it's OK if you try to get normal tickets for LESS popular singers.
Q14 I have much concern about my order and I am getting so nervous now
A14 Unfortunately,we sometimes find customers getting so nervous before/while
they do business with us because they do business with us for the first time,
come to Japan for the first time,go to see concerts in Japan for the first time,
or for any other reasons.

Well.....you need to know that we have been running this service since 2001,
and have completed a great number of dealings
(Fortunately,we have a lot of reputations or good reviews from customers all over the world.)
Therefore,based on our business experiences,
we fully know what you are concerned about or why you are getting so nervous like that.

We don't write the detailed cases now,but,to get straight to the point,
you don't need to have concerns at all.
Please do NOT worry.
Things are much easier than you have imagined.
You can get items easily or enjoy concerts/events without problems
if you just follow our instructions.
(If we had found some problems in your order,
we wouldn't have accepted your order or would have told you from the start.)

If you still have concerns about our service,please do NOT try to use from the start.
(We are sorry to say in this way but,actually,it is really a waste of time for us
to talk with that kind of "excessively nervous customers".)

Thank you very much for your understandings.