privacy policy and cancel policy

<Privacy Policy>

We won't sell,trade and share customer information.We are committed to respecting the privacy rights of our customers and all visitors to our website.Your information is used only to execute your order.

<Cancel Policy>

Cancellation before you make payment is OK,however,we can't accept your cancellation after we have paid to shops.

If you ordered concert tickets,you may be able to get refund if you bought NORMAL tickets and if that concert was not held.In that case,you may be able to get ticket price from ticket company in exchange for the ticket.(That depends on ticket-companies,which we can't always assure the refund.)

However,if you bought RESALE tickets,you can't get refund in any case from us because we also can't get any refund from resale shops at any reasons once after we paid money to resale ticket shops.

You need to know Japanese resale markets have a strict rule: "No cancel and No refund after payment".

If you purchase resale tickets through our service,that means you have accepted our cancel policy.

Customers have to use items which they have bought through our service,with their own responsibility.

All customers have to keep this "self-responsibility rule" and we only do business with those who accept this rule.

We hope you will understand.Thank you very much.