Japanese Premium Whisky and Sake Warehouse

1.Welocome to our "warehouse"

If you love Japanese Whisky and Sake,you are our friends.

We-all members of fdjp.com-are Japanese Whisky and Sake enthusiastics and really love them.We are very happy to hear that nowadays Japanese whisky and sake are getting more and more popular in the world.

But,at the same time,this situation made their prices soar. Now,we can't buy them at their original price and can't help buy at market price. Market price = original price + premium.

We really hope more foreigners enjoy Japanese whisky and sake,so we have started to help foreign fans purchase them at reasonable market price and with our special low commission -10%-.

This is our special service only to good (repeating) customers that are "Japanese Whisky and Sake lovers".

2.Commission and Conditions

Commission : 10%

Condition : up to 10 bottles per order(per shipment)

Shipping method: SAL(Japan Post),DHL,Fedex,depending on your country/you can't choose

Country : UK,Germany,Belgium,Austria,Sweden,Finland,Luxemburg,China,Vietnam (If you live in other countries,just check if you can receive alcohol drinks from Japan.)

3.How to order

Just send an email us to request our quotation,as usual.

In that case,it would be better that you should check in advance if you can receive alcohol drinks from Japan.

4.Whisky and Sake List

our whisky and sake list