other services


1.Your Hotel----Concert Hall(Event Venue)----Your Hotel

Sometimes,concert hall (event venue) you are going to see is located far from your hotel and it's difficult to get there via public transportations.

In that case,we can take you to the venue by our car,wait until the event ends there,and take you back to your hotel.

Price : Just ask a quote !

2.Shutoko (Tokyp Metropolitan Highway) Round Drive

Tokyo Metropolitan Highway is called "Shutoko" . You can enjoy Shutoko Round drive (route C1 & C2) with our car.During this drive,you can see majorspots Tokyo,such as Tokyo Tower,Rainbow Bridge,Tokyo Sky Tree from the highway.

It's really a fun and exciting experience !

<Time Schedule>

2 hours (For example,from 9:00 to 11:00,from 21:00 to 23:00,etc.You can decide time-schedule as you like.)


JPY5,000(FIXED PRICE/2 hours/No extra commission/No Tip/Up to 3 passengers/All cost inclusive)

3.1-day Trip (You can set driving plan in your way)

We can take you anywhere you like by car.

Just tell us your trip plan so that we can quote .

4.3 hours Drive in Tokyo Downtown

We can show you around towns in Tokyo.
(We can take you anywhere you like in Tokyo.)

<Time Schedule>
3 hours
(For example,from 7:00 to 10:00,14:00 to 17:00,from 21:00 to 24:00,etc.You can set time-schedule as you like.)


(FIXED PRICE/3 hours/No extra commission/No Tip/ Up to 3 passengers/All cost inclusive)
You can decide driving course as you like and can go anywhere in Tokyo within 3 hours.
Please feel free to ask us.

This is a completely "PRIVATE" driving tour,so you will not be disturbed by
other tourists/passengers. You can enjoy driving in Tokyo in your way.
During this driving,you can drink,eat, listen to your favorite music,and even sing.
(Actually,most customers sing during the drive.)

5.Half Day Driving in Tokyo

We can show you around towns in Tokyo.
Ginza,Shinjuku,Roppongi,Shibuya,Tokyo Sky Tree,Rainbow-Bridge,etc.
(Wherever in Tokyo 23 wards will be OK.)

Moreover,we can visit "UMIHOTARU Parking Area" of Shutoko highway
(Metropolitan Expressway) --a very unique Parking Area built ON the Tokyo Gulf.
That is like a floating island,floating parking area.
You can enjoy watching the beautiful scenery,shopping,having a coffee brake there.

In addition,you can enjoy shopping at "MITSUI OUTLET PARK KISARAZU"
How nice !

<Time Schedule>

7 hours between 8:00-22:00
(For example,from 10:00 to 17:00,from 14:00 to 21:00,etc.Please ask.)

JPY15,000(FIXED PRICE/7 hours/No extra commission/No Tip/Up to 3 passengers/All cost inclusive)

You can decide where to go and when to start,as you like.
Please feel free to ask us.

This is a completely "PRIVATE" driving tour,so you will not be disturbed by
other tourists/passengers. You can go anywhere you like in Tokyo in your way.
We think it's suitable for a couple or a family,up to 3 persons.

5.1-day Tour to HAKONE

Hakone is one of the most popular places to visit in Japan.It takes around 90 minitues from Tokyo to Hakone.In our service,you can even drop in at The Odawara Castleand enjoy wonderful lunch at a sophisticated restaurant there.(just around JPY1,500 per guest).In Hakone,you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mt.Fuji and shopping !Also,you can enjoy foot bath (Ashiyu-Foot Onsen-) if you like.And we can take you to some other places and shops which are popular among local people on your reuqest.

Moreover,we can take you to "The Gotemba Premium Outlet" and you can enjoy "Outlet-Shopping" on the way back to Tokyo.How wonderful !It will be really a great fun !

<Time Schedule>9:00-21:00You can change time-schedule as you like.Please feel free to ask us.

<PRICE> JPY30,000 (FIXED PRICE/1-3 persons/No extra commission/No Tip)In this service,you don't need to pay any commissions or additional fee to us.The only thing you need to pay yourself is lunch fare(Lunch : generally it is around JPY1,500 per person,but you can change lunch-menu budget depending on your budget.)

<Advantage>1.This is an exclusively PRIVATE tour,which means you will NOT bedisturbed by any other tourists.2.Between Tokyo and Hakone,you can drop in at wherever you like.(For example,you can drop in at your favorite cafe in Yokohama,etc....)3.The restaurant where you have lunch in this tour is not a "cheap Drive-Inn"(cheap restaurant)" but a sophisticated onethat receives good reputation from local people.We are sure you will like it.4.In our car,you can listen to your favorite music as much as you like.(Most customers sing during driving.)5.Our driver/guide is so funny that we are sure you can enjoy yourself.6.In The Odawara Castle,you may have a secret experience.Anyway,please feel free to ask us about the details.(Generally,we pick you up around 9:00 at your hotel and get back to your hotel in Tokyo around 21:00.)