order (ask a quote)

1.Just write an email to "order@fdjp.com" Please refer to sample .

Please refer to sample order.

Just write the following 4 matters (Without them,we wouldn't be able to quote your order. Simple email will be highly preferable.We would not reply to you if your email is lacking of even one of the following 4 matters.)

  • Your name (fullname must be needed.Please reder to "Q2" in FAQ.)
  • Your country
  • Where should we send your order,to your country or to a hotel in Japan ? (If it's "to hotel in Japan),it's OK you have not booked yet. You will just tell us your hotel information later) . Just write whether "to your country" or "to a hotel in Japan". Without this,we can't quote shipping charge. If you plan to stay in Airbnb accommodation,you will need to check read "Q16" in our FAQ. Recently,we usually send concert tickets to your hotel in Japan because they are often issued out just before each concert. Sending to your hotel is cheapest and safest.
  • Detailed information of items you want and their quantity (If you need concert tickets,you have to write your budget per ticket which doesn't include our commission.Otherwise,we wouldn't accept your order.Read this.)
  • Payment method (Just write "Paypal" or "Bank Wire Transfer". Paypal is highly recommended if you need concert tickets)

2.You will receive our quotation and payment instruction

We usually send you a quotation from our secondary email account "*****@***.hi-ho.ne .jp". Sometimes our quotation is put into your spam folder,so please make sure you can receive that rightly as normal email.

You can receive our quote (pdf file) within 24 hours,but sometimes it is delayed when we are very busy.

If you don't receive in 24 hours,please send a reminder to info@fdjp.com.

If you send us your order 2 times and still can't receive a reply from us,that means we don't accept your order.